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Contrary to the name, this one on one time with me is not just for women. It is for anyone who desires a safe space to be heard, seen & held as they move through transition, change and transformation.

“Modern humans underestimate the beautiful medicine of going into the dark, navigating through the unknown and mud of transformation and change. We are taught to run from these life changing seasons. We are enabled to switch to positive platitudes, to only honor the light and to skate past the depth. But this is what alchemy and rebirth are made of. This is the journey through the womb. We need this medicine. I love holding space for people to drink it slow, with reverence and gratitude.” - Mel The Oracle


This 1:1 time would benefit you if...

You are moving through a time of deep change and transformation and you want a safe space to be heard, seen and held. 

You are opening to embodying the practice of embracing the medicine of the dark (the depths of your life) 

You desire honest feedback and to be held in loving accountability (Make sure you are ready for the truth)

Trustworthy, non judgmental, soul soothing people are rare in your life and you want to experience this when sharing about the transformation your are moving through


You want a space to be seen as the complex human being you are

You are open to simply being held, instead of being in control

You are open to talking, but also embodied practices like movement, breath and mudra (hand gestures) to support you in our time together

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist and these sessions are not a replacement for therapy or other intensive interventions from mental health professionals.

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Why invest in
time with me?

Hint: Because I've built an almost decade long career building intimate group & individual sacred spaces, centering humanness. Creating and facilitating safe space is what I'm here to do


Hey love, I'm Mel.

I'm an intimate community builder, podcaster, writer and forever devoted student of the human experience.

Over the past 8 years I have served as a movement/embodiment guide, mentor and have built over 9+ in person and online safe and sacred community spaces, group and 1:1 mentorships and memberships that have served as deeply transformative and paramount experiences for hundreds of souls.

Creating and holing safe space for humans to unfold, access healing and feel seen is my greatest gift. It is what I am here to do.

I invite you in. Your full, human self is welcome here, always.

I recorded a 29 episode podcast sharing my journey and process through one of the darkest, deeply transformational years of my entire life. Take a listen to get a feel for my perspective and point of view.

"My session with Mel was challenging and perfect. Beyond some of the practices she shared, the care, love and attention Mel gives you before, during and after the session is where the value really comes in. I felt safe and held and understood by someone I did not know previously to our session. I would recommend a 1:1 session to any friend who is on their healing journey and I look forward to my next session" ~ Becky R.

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